ICD-10 facts for tip on 4-10-2015

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Thu Apr 09, 2015 9:37 pm

With ICD-9 we have not had to learn concepts and definitions of intention with punctuation other than the simple decimal. ICD-10 codes may include square brackets, colons, parentheses, and the point dash. Want to know more about the use of the different punctuations? Visit the Forum for more information.

Here is the additional information on the punctuation for ICD-10:
Square brackets: used to enclose synonyms, alternative wordings, and explanatory phrases
Colon: used with includes or excludes statements. This indicates that the word prior to the colon is not a complete term
Parentheses: used in the Tabular List to enclose supplementary words and are usually considered nonessential. Parentheses are also used at the
beginning of a chapter to enclose the range of three-character codes included in that chapter.
Point dash: used in excludes notes to remind that the fourth character exists and the Tabular List should be referenced for an appropriate character
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