3 chronic conditions

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Per the 1997 guidelines the documentation of the status of at least three chronic or inactive conditions suffices instead of the 4 elements of HPI.

We are finding the status of these conditions in the assessment/plan, is this acceptable? Per the guidelines they never state that the conditions have to be documented in the HPI itself, it only states “or the status of at least three chronic or inactive conditions”.
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If you want to take credit for it, then it should be in the history of present illness. The guidelines state within the HPI for 95/97 for extended HPI 4+ elements or the status of 3 chronic conditions. Since the guidelines are listed in this section this is where they would expect to find them. You can argue the status of the chronics is listed in the assessment for the patient and you may be lucky with the auditor but most will say it needs to be in the HPI.

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