Psychiatric Examination

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Does this meet complete for 1997 Psychiatric exam? I think no.
Physical findings - BP 142/77, Pulse - 77 bpm, Height 61 in., weight 132 lbs. BMI 25.1 and Body Surface Area 1.59 m2
Mental status exam:
Patient is well developed and well-nourished and appears stated chronological age. Patient appears to be in no acute physical distress.
Appearance: Neatly dressed and groomed
Attitude: Cooperative, amicable
Speech: rate/volume wnl, good articulation, vocabulary consistent with age/level of education
Motor: No abnormal movements
Cognition: wnl
Attention/Concentration: Fair to good one-to-one interaction
Recent/Remote Memory: Good
Mood: "anxious"
Affect: Anxious
Thought Process: Distractable
Thought Content: No hallucinations or delusions present. No obsessions present.
Insight: Fair
Judgment: Good

I only get "detailed" on the 1997 examination.

Missing: Discription of associations (eg, loose, tangential, circumstantial, intact), and Language
Under speech I gave credit for description of speech (rate/volume wnl; good articulation) and Fund of knowledge (vocabulary consistent with age/level of education)

I just want verification I am not missing something since I rarely see the 97 examination used except in psychiatry.
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