signing orders

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signing orders

Postby beebradley » Mon Apr 02, 2018 9:28 pm

Hi! Can an order for DME Rx (CPAP supplies/equipment(mask)) be placed and signed by a sleep educator or must it be signed by a physician? Would it be ok for physician to just review and say approved. All of this would be documented in EMR. Thanks!
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Re: signing orders

Postby Bill_Wong » Fri Apr 13, 2018 4:03 pm

Hello beebradley,

Check with your local MAC. But in general, it looks like it is possible. According to this article from CGS Medicare, this can be done. The excerpt is on p.3-4 under Detailed Written Orders. I have attached the full article for your review.

A detailed written order (DWO) is required before billing. Someone other than the prescribing
practitioner may produce the DWO. However, the prescribing practitioner must review the content
and sign and date the document. It must contain:
• The beneficiary's name.
• The prescribing practitioner’s name.
• The date of the order.
• All items, options or additional features that are separately billed or require an upgraded
code. The description can be either a narrative description (e.g., lightweight wheelchair
base), a HCPCS code, a HCPCS code narrative, or a brand name/model number.
• The prescribing practitioner’s signature and signature date.

I hope this helps.

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