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Wed Dec 14, 2016 10:03 am

I am oftentimes asked the question, Ok, I did it! I passed an auditing certification exam, NOW... how do I get in the industry with no experience.
I thought I would share my response that I recently shared with Carrie, new to the auditing industry:
This is a common question that we are asked, but unfortunately has no sound answer.

My suggestions are build experience where you work by sort of forcing yourself opportunities.
For example, if you have access to some medical records that does not violate HIPAA access, audit them. Then take them to someone on your auditing team internally and tell them that you have received some training and you are
working toward improve your craft. Self-create a mentor programming within your employment.
I do offer to those learning that if you are stuck and/or really need someone to review some of your auditing, within reason I am happy to help as I can--- be sure to redact.

By creating your own opportunity for mentoring you will be able to add to your resume that you have that experience and through interview process you could fully elaborate that while not "officially" acting in the capacity, this is how you have worked to develop your skill sets.

Additionally, read, read, and then read more! Educate yourself and emerse yourself in every training and education opportunity possible. Visit Forums and Blogs- learn from others and try to answer (even if not by posting your thoughts) the questions posted.
Thank you,
Founder & President of NAMAS

Disclaimer: NAMAS cannot be held liable for any advice given that could have had a variable answer based on additional information.
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