NAMAS Webinar Q&A: The Fallacy of "Not Documented, Not Done", 03/09/2021

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Wed Mar 10, 2021 10:53 am

Below are the questions received during our recent webinar: The Fallacy of "Not Documented, Not Done", originally presented on March 9, 2021. These questions have been answered by the webinar presenter, David Glaser, Attorney.

Question 1:
How are MACs able to come up with their own plan language and benefits that are statutorily excluded from Traditional Medicare? For example, Complete Physical exams. This is a statutorily excluded Medicare service – so how can MAC’s allow this?
Answer 1:
I am not sure I totally understand the question. Are you asking about Medicare Advantage plans? I think you are, but MACs are Medicare Administrative Contractors so I want to make sure I am tracking this.
Medicare Advantage plans have to cover everything Medicare does, but they are free to offer ADDITIONAL coverage if they wish.
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