Orders for diagnostic mammogram

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In regards to a patient that "self-requests" a screening mammogram; would it be appropriate for the PCP to have a standing order for all of his self-requesting patients that also includes delegation to place orders for him for additional follow up studies if radiographically indicated?
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Your question has been answered by Senior Consultant Betty Stump:

Standing orders are never a good idea, for almost all situations, because ordered and rendered care is expected to be unique, specific and medically necessary for an individual patient's needs. In the case of mammography, the guidelines for services do explicitly allow for the interpreting radiologist to order specific additional studies as indicated to further isolate and identify abnormalities that may be present on screening studies. If the radiology facility declines to assume ordering responsibility, I would recommend extreme caution and ensure there are specific clinical parameters assigned to the orders for medically indicated supplemental exam to be performed. These guidelines should be clearly and specifically outlined as part of the office policy and procedure manual as well as reviewed and updated annually.
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